The Latest Anticruise Route of the latest Anticruise

The Anticruise is presented here as a weblog. It's a forensic deconstruction of our latest adventure to stay together, free, and alive. It's a lot like The Martian, by Andy Wier, but this is non-fiction, and has pictures - lots, in fact.

Debriefing reports - which are being added below each satellite entry, daily - cover our previous anticruises, nutsorama misadventures, epic fails, refusals to give up, give in, fit in, be boring, or play it safe, while saving Elena's ass, staying free, and not being dead.

It's about doing whatever it takes to survive -- with grace and humor -- take responsibility for yourself, and throw off the chains and anchors everyone else imposes.

Really... what you have here, in these debriefing reports, is narrative-nonfiction with teeth.

Table of Contents Bright and shiny links indicate which entries include dazzling, debriefing reports. More each day - check back often.
Navigating the Anticruise

This web-presentation is organized like a book. You'll get the most out of it by going through it in a similar manner: from beginning to end.

Clipart of an old book called The ANTICRUISE

Carrying on with the book topology, the HOME page is the same a book cover.

Next, is the CONTENTS page (hint, you are on it now). From here, those spacey links, (in the table above) can take you to specific entries.

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These stunningly beautiful, navigation menu-bars (floating gracefully above the bottom of each page) take you sequentially through the presentation. They always know where you are, and exactly where to go next.

laptop clipartDuring the latest anticruise - San Diego to Charleston - we posted text messages and position reports to a private blog, via satellite. Turns out, exactly one-hundred of those entries are worth re-posting here, and they make a great framework for this web-presentation.

Here's a typical ENTRY with an explanation of it's various parts.

example anticruise entry
Clicking on these stylish image-thumbnails takes you to their associated photo.
  • Anticruise entries consist of:
    • Entry number, date, and time
    • Map of posting location
    • Log entry text
    • Photos, taken nearby
    • Debriefing Reports, core of presentation
      • The debriefing is underway now
      • New reports are posted regularly
      • Photos from past adventures are included to support the narrative
      • Essentially, it's a blog. Check back obsessively to see if I have a new one posted!

Although the debriefing reports are associated with log entries from the most recent anticruise, they cover the extreme voyages we've taken to save Elena's ass, stay free, and to be not dead. They are pretty much all about doing whatever it takes to survive -- with grace and humor -- take responsibility for yourself, and throw off the chains and anchors everyone else imposes on you.

Making-it takes getting a grip; knowing it's all up to you, and you alone: no delusions of god, wee fairy folk, magic incantations, being in someone's heart, hoodoo-n-voodoo and other weird shit; brushing off imposed expectations - and your own concomitant self-doubt; and just bloody well taking back your life!

  • Manifest Destiny of this presentation
    • Ultimately, this presentation will be compiled into an inspiring, motivational, rip-roaring-adventure book - think, Andy Weir's, The Martian, but non-fiction, and with lots of full-color, suitable-for-framing pictures.
    • Additionally, it will provide the basis for kick-ass presentations, and motivational speaking engagements. Imagine it now: The Anticruisers, Unhinged - World Tour!
    • Other possibilities include:
      • Online Computer Game
      • Blockbuster movie
      • Broadway musical
      • Theme-park ride
      • Meg and Elena action figures
      • The Anticruiser Guide: A Borderline-Personality-Disorder How-To Manual

Feel free to comment, make contact, book a speaking engagement... send money, using the contact form on the creator's website